Thermal Management Tubing and Exhaust Solutions

Nelson Global Products, Inc. offers state-of-the-art thermal management tubing technology to support Original Equipment Manufacturers’ needs both before and after emissions aftertreatment devices. These products provide superior performance and durability to ensure optimal performance while maintaining an integrated appearance.

Technology Expertise

  • Optimal thermal management performance throughout entire exhaust system
  • Materials and final surface treatment options to meet OEM application requirements
  • Customized systems for specific OEM applications


  • Maintains turbo-out temperature
  • Reduces post aftertreatment temperature
  • Meets OEM leakage specifications
  • Supports OEM backpressure requirements


  • Off-highway agriculture and construction
  • On-highway medium- and heavy-duty truck
  • Supports U.S. and European
  • On- and Off-highway emissions regulations

Complementary Exhaust System Components.

With the comprehensive technology, design and manufacturing capabilities of Nelson Global Products their thermal management tubing and exhaust system components meet engine manufacturers’ installation and performance requirements. Products include various insulation technologies, bellows, interlocking flex, tailpipe diffusers, aspirated tailpipes and accessories (clamps, adapters, gaskets, brackets and heat shields).

Pre-Aftertreatment Exhaust Solutions.

Thermal Management Tubing

  • Reduces skin temperature
  • Meets engine-allowable temperature-drop
  • Provides options for vehicle aesthetics
  • Supports limited-space constraints
  • Provides flexibility around bracketry
    • Metal-encapsulated tubing
    • Double-wall clamshell tubing
    • Thermolastic-wrapped tubing

Corrugated Bellow Exhaust Tube Assemblies

  • Manage leak-rate specifications
  • Customized to specific applications
  • Manage tolerance variation from other components

Post-Aftertreatment Exhaust Solutions.

Post-aftertreatment exhaust solutions include our elbows and ancillary tubing, exhaust diffuser, pre-cleaner aspirator, spark arresters and aspirated exhaust stack products.

Advantages include:

  • Reduces tailpipe temperatures
  • Resists corrosion
  • Compatible with urea-based systems
  • Provides opportunity for noise reduction
  • Supports various backpressure management strategies

Elbows And Ancillary Tubing

  • Support unique Marmon connections

Exhaust Diffuser

  • Mixes with and transfers heat to atmosphere

Pre-Cleaner Aspirator

  • Uses exhaust Venturi to draw large particles from pre-cleaner and improve air filter life

Spark Arresters

  • Capture carbon particles to reduce incident of forest fires, and reducing noise

Aspirated Exhaust Stack

  • Draws in ambient air to reduce outlet gas temperatures