Vertical Truck Muffler (VTM) Aftermarket Solutions

Whether you need the full-feature performance of an OE replacement or a lower cost solution, the best choice is Nelson Global Products VTM aftermarket solutions. Numerous top rated design features, like a floating baffle design and aluminized steel construction, make Nelson the leader in vertical truck muffler technologies. You can count on Nelson Global Products for consistent quiet operation, low backpressure and fuel efficiency.


Nelson Original Equipment

  • Original equipment mufflers reduce noise to level required to meet EPA truck noise limits.
  • Original equipment mufflers can be quieter (up to 3dBA) than economy versions, depending on make of engine.
  • See manufacturer’s warranty for additional details.


Nelson Economy

  • Nelson has 16-gauge end flange (some competitors are lighter).
  • Local noise laws should be checked before using economy version.
  • See manufacturer’s warranty for additional details.
  • Nelson includes an internal support flange (some competitors do not).



  • OEM Quality
  • Aluminized Steel
  • Complete Line
  • Unique Manufacturing


  • Improved noise reduction and proper back pressure (better performance)
  • Longer service life
  • One stop shopping
  • Improved fit and installation – Faster repairs and leak-proof seals

About Nelson Global Products

As the global leader in the design of exhaust systems that maximize performance and minimize environmental impact, Nelson Global Products provides the industry with the highest quality solutions. Nelson Global Products full line of mufflers, non-chrome tubes, stacks and elbows and accessories are all designed for durability and custom tuned to meet current noise level regulations.