Chrome coating process addresses discoloration on chrome plated exhaust components
Wednesday, April 2, 2014
Nelson Global Products

Bluestop developed to combat the damaging effects of today's emissions-driven higher exhaust gas temperatures.

Nelson Global Products ( has launched what it is says is “an industry-breakthrough” in the protection of chrome plated exhaust components.

Called Bluestop, it is a new, multi-step clear ceramic coating process – with temperature resistance of greater than 1,000 degrees – that addresses a growing problem of exhaust temperature-related chrome discoloration.

By mid-2014, the company – which designs, manufactures and markets a broad range of high performance exhaust and tubular products for OEM and aftermarket use for the global on-highway and off-highway markets – will offer the Bluestop process on its chrome-plated exhaust components, from mufflers to heat shields.

“Unsightly discoloration of chrome has plagued vehicle designers and end-users for years,” said Tom Gosnell, CEO of Nelson Global Products. “The high temperatures, generated by recent changes in emissions technology, have threatened to end the highly popular use of chromed exhaust pipes for vehicle applications.”

As chrome-plated components are exposed to surface contaminants and multiple heat cycles, the unintended effect has been the surface "coloring" that ranges from gold to deep blue.

As manufacturers have listened to customers’ complaints about the discoloration, Nelson gathered its advanced engineering team to develop a solution to the problem before it begins, he said.

"Not only does Bluestop prevent discoloration, it also provides lasting protection from surface contaminants and significantly increases corrosion resistance,” added Nelson's director of engineering, Rob Schellin.

Additionally, Nelson will release a new line of protective ceramic coatings -- in a variety of popular designer colors.


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