Technology, Expertise

Nelson Global Products has an experienced world class engineering team with extensive resources developed to support your full range of needs.  Our engineers utilize 3D CAD software along with CFD, FEA, and proprietary analysis tools to ensure the design fits your application, exceeds your performance expectations, and aligns with your cost goals.  Nelson Global Products also has the capability to develop and execute tests to support typical validation requirements.  This includes acoustic (insertion loss, transmission loss, pass-by), structural (stress/strain, modal, vibration), and performance (Flow, Thermal) validation.  Whether it’s partnering with us to solve a unique problem, developing and validating a new product, or improving an existing design for manufacturability, Nelson Global Products has the tools and capability to develop an effective and optimal solution to your problem. 

Product Development Engineering

Global Organization

  • Tech centers in USA, India, Australia
  • Extensive product development experience
  • 100 plus years exhaust focused engineering talent
  • Direct interaction with customer engineers

Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) tools

  • Ten plus trained DFSS/DMAIC Greenbelts on staff
  • Five Blackbelts within organization
  • Complete product lifecycle support
    • Product proceeding technology development
    • Product launch
    • Current product support

Product Development & Validation Capabilities

  • Design & Analysis
    • CAD / FEA / CFD / MAP
    • Blower  Laboratory Testing
    • Ambient and Hot gas
    • Aspiration/Dilution
    • Shell /Gas Temperature
  • Anechoic Laboratory Testing
    • Sound Level, Frequency Analysis & Sound Quality
    • Exhaust Gas Flow
    • Exhaust Gas Temperatures
    • Surface Temperatures
  • Customer & Engine Manufacturer Testing