About Nelson Global Products


Nelson Global Products designs, manufactures, and markets a broad range of fabricated high performance OEM and aftermarket products for the global On and Off Highway vehicles and Power Sports and Outdoor Equipment markets. 

Our manufacturing specializes in tube fabrications, mufflers and silencers.   Tube fabrications includes exhaust tube assemblies, EGR and Thermal Management Tubing (TMT) for emissions systems, pressurized tube assemblies for air, hydraulic and lubrication, and complex structural assemblies.

We have five core differentiated technical capabilities: (i) acoustic science, (ii) thermal science, (iii) applied mechanics, (iv) advanced manufacturing and (v) fluid mechanics.

Overall we employ over 2,500 person globally. 


We are uniquely able to service our customers globally through 18 state of the art facilities in North America, South America, China, India, and Australia. 

We provide trusted engineering and design partner to customers and have R&D centers in United States and Asia with complete design and manufacturing solutions for the complexities which our customers face in their various markets. 

Nelson Global Products maintains strong relationships with industry leading global “blue-chip” customers. 


Be the company that everyone wants to do business with, work for, and invest in. 


We provide superior metal forming solutions worldwide to the Commercial and Recreational Vehicles and Industrial markets by executing lean principles, empowering our employees, and leveraging our global footprint.